9 Month Controlled Release

This is a controlled release fine-grade NPK complex fertiliser, which provides controlled nutrient release for 9 months. The specially designed coating means that the nutrients will be released evenly to your plants for 9 months, and isn’t impacted by growing medium properties such as pH, microbial activity or salt levels.

This is an excellent fertiliser option for people who may want a low maintenance choice, as you only need to top up every 9 months.

This is a product that we ourselves use on our commercial strawberry farm with great results, and we’ve had even better results pairing this with Bardee Superfly.

Storage  & safety considerations

Avoid frost and excessively high temperatures, and, large fluctuations in temperature
Can be stored unopened for up to 3 years in correct storage conditions
Harmful to aquatic life, do not empty into drains.
It’s always recommended to wear gloves when handling nutrients

Additional information


1kg, 5kg

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