Eco Farm – Single

This amazing unit will exceed all growth expectations.
With new and improved bases, all Eco Farms now come with 6 planters instead of 5. That’s 20% extra growing capacity!
The Solar Eco Farm system is fully automated and recirculating, small enough to fit anywhere. The Eco Farm is perfect for gardeners of all levels who want amazing results with low maintenance requirements, perfect for people with busy lives. Made from UV treated food grade material, this powerful Eco Farm will give many years of growing and produce.

We have improved upon the previous Eco Farm, and upgraded the system, eliminating the need for drippers and adding a valve for draining that makes water changes even easier, as well as more efficient watering without flooding or blockages. The Eco Farm is easily customisable, with the options to add a second or third unit without modifications. A single solar pump is powerful enough to power 3 Eco Farms running on the one system.

The 60L base tank is sturdy and durable, and can easily be dressed up with things such as stones covering the top panel, to blend with the garden. The solar panel is high quality, and requires as little as 2 hours of sun a day to provide excellent results. In low light, the coco coir retains moisture to ensure your plants don’t dry out.

The tower stands 1.7m high when assembled with 24 large plant pods. The reservoir holds 60 litres of water which recirculates the nutrients (when using hydroponic nutrient) and ensures even watering throughout the system, with refilling required every few weeks. When using controlled release nutrient, this is mixed into the coir before filling the planters and ensures even nutrient distribution to the plants, giving maximum results with low maintenance requirements.

Solar Eco Farm Features:

The system comes complete with everything you need to start growing, including nutrient, coconut coir, Verti Gro Australia planters, and solar pump & panel
Curved planter edges preventing plants from creasing and breaking over a sharp edge
Smooth edges under the planters, making it easier to hold and pick up
Planter pot designed to water completely internally, with no water running on top of your plants, seeds or seedlings
Even watering throughout each pot opening and tier, no matter what you’re growing
Wider, deeper growing pods, designed for maximum root growth and size
Increased planter strength and durability, with increased wall thickness.
Increased UV protection specifically designed to withstand the extreme Australian conditions, no matter where you are in Australia
Updated, modern colours that compliment any garden
Charcoal planter and base trays are made from 100% recycled plastic
Unique to Verti Gro Australia we have designed a netting system support that simply clips on to the planter and protect your plants from birds and possums (Clips and nets sold separately)
Easy to follow instructions for set up and maintenance provided, as well as phone support if required

These 100% Australian made planters come in three new, stunning colours, which are modern and sleek, and look right at home on the balcony, garden or any other small space.

Charcoal, a dusty black which is made from 100% recycled plastic, and with a beautiful matte finish.
Stone white, a creamy, dreamy terrazzo fleck style, which is our personal favourite.
Terracotta, a true representation of the origins of the name ‘baked earth’, it looks like it’s right at home on a stylish Italian balcony.

What’s included?
Everything you need except plants!

6 x large Verti Gro Australia planters
60L 6mm heavy duty black base tank
heavy duty aluminium lid
site glass
drain valve
52 cm x 36cm polycrystalline solar panel with 5 metre power lead
1 x 18v pump
1 x 5kg coil block 70/30 mix
15mm poly riser pipe
20mm PVC support pipe
1 x 4 way dripper head
4 x 4 litre per hour drippers
500g Bardee Superfly organic fertiliser
1 x 1kg Part A hydroponic nutrient
1 x 1kg Part B hydroponic nutrient
1kg controlled-release nutrient

How does it work?
We provide easy to follow, step by step instructions to make assembly and maintenance easy, and phone support for anyone who needs a little extra help

Why is this such a great system?

The Eco Farm provides a continual watering and feeding cycle to your plants, meaning you are going to get the best results without having to constantly worry about forgetting to water the plants again
Vertical gardens maximise space, and are naturally better at repelling pests, as well as soil borne diseases
Coconut coir is a great growing medium, you cannot overwater this, and when there is low light, it holds water to ensure plants are hydrated and happy
This system comes with an optional heavy duty trolley to help move the system around the garden and chase the sun
The supplied nutrients are high quality nutrients that we use ourselves on our commercial strawberry farm. We developed the hydroponic nutrient specifically based on our experience of over 3 years in growing a range of crops
This system is so easy to use, and perfect for people who are short on time or who may have needed to downsize their gardens such as retirees or people with mobility impairments.
You can easily add up to an additional 2 Eco Farms to run from the one solar pump without modification

*Weight and size coming soon to be able to add the details in for shipping info

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 60 cm

Black, Terracotta, White

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