Maze Microbe Solution aka Liquid Bokashi, is an innovative liquid made from all-natural EM (beneficial microbes) and citrus extracts. Its primary function is to initiate and accelerate the fermentation of organic waste in your Indoor Composter.

The unique combination of ingredients in the liquid also work to neutralize the harmful organisms that, left unchecked, can lead to unpleasant odours in your indoor composter.

This 2lt bottle will last an average household approximately 6-8 months when used as instructed with the Indoor Composter.

In addition to its use in your Indoor Composter, the liquid also has a wide range of other uses including but not limited to:

Acceleration of outdoor compost systems
Elimination of odours from both inside and outdoor composters
Elimination of odours from sources such as rubbish bins, shoes, animals etc.
Can be used as a natural surface spray for cleaning benches, tables and floors
Can be added to septic systems to improve function

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