Netting Clips

We have designed the first 100% Australian made vertical net support system to compliment our new range of vertical planters. These sturdy plastic net clips connect snugly to the outer rim of the planter, and can be placed anywhere along the rim in configurations of 4, 6 or 8. This has an optional 15mm low density poly pipe that connects easily to the clips and creates a dome shaped pipe network which allows you to hang bird netting (optional extra) over to protect your crop while keeping the net off the plants.


100% Australian made
Firmly connects to the planter, no risk of the clip falling or moving
Easily clips on/off to allow easy netting adjustment
Additional clips can be added or pipe extended to grow with the plants
Made of high quality, recycled UV treated plastic that will last for years
Allows full access to plants and no battling with netting every time you need to access the planter
Designed specifically to fit both medium and large Verti Gro Australia planters
Reduces the need for chemical sprays and deterrents, yet still allows helpful insects and bees access to the plants
Extremely easy to set up, Roger sets these up himself with one hand with ease

What’s included:

4, 6 or 8 net clips

Additional information


4 Clips, 6 Clips, 8 Clips

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