Ben and Dani. Owners and Founders of Adaptable Gardens

Very early history

Even though Adaptable Gardens was only founded in early 2022, the ideas and ethics behind the business actually started more than 30 years prior. You see, a vast majority of Ben’s early and formative years were spent living with his grandparents. His Grandfather, David, had an absolute passion for gardening. It was his therapy. It didn’t matter what state the garden was in when he moved into a new house as he had a vision in his mind before anyone could blink and a work ethic that no one could match.

Ben and his Grandfather working on his latest project

His Grandfathers other passion was rowing. Upon retiring and moving to Tasmania, his grandfather decided to use his decades of experience as a rowing coach as a tool for therapy.

David worked with a local boatbuilder who specialised in rowing, to build and rowing scull that was stable, impossible to capsize and allowed a coach to be on the boat with a student.

With a donation of land from Parks Tasmania and a donation of a shed to store the boats from a local builder, the “Lake Trevallyn Adaptive Rowing Club” was born, specialising in teaching anyone with a disability how to row.

Ben’s Grandfather sadly passed away in 2006. He will always be known as one of the last old fashioned English Gentleman.

Recent History

In early 2020, Ben met Danielle, who has been a Mental Health Occupational Therapist for nearly 20 years. In 2021 they moved to the Dandenong Ranges and onto a large rural property. Very quickly a menagerie of farm animals joined them. With the open land and fresh air, it wasn’t long before Ben questioned his career and work life balance. He current role took him interstate quite a lot.

In Early 2022, he decided to go back to his roots and go back to where he was at his happiest. In the garden! As part of this process, he knew his late Grandfather was guiding him, so the name “Adaptive” needed to be in the company name. After some brainstorming with Dani, Adaptable Gardens was born.

Our main focus when we started was to look after our older community in the hills. We were quickly recommended to a couple of Aged Care package providers and before long we were looking after 30+ older clients that needed help.

During this process, one of the most enjoyable parts of working with our clients were the stories. Many of our clients told us how they used to enjoy gardening and harvest the produce. We learnt a lot from them about old school ways of growing and preserving food (something we love ourselves and are passionate about) yet the stories always ended the same way…

“I wish I could still garden, but I can’t use my hands very well anymore”

” I can’t get down to the ground like I used to”

With hearing the sadness about not being able to garden any more, we realised how much gardening was a source of therapy for so many people. It was heartbreaking for us feeling like there was nothing we could do to help other than garden for them.

After a conversation with Dani, we decided we had to find a way. There HAD to be a solution.

We went in search of cost effective products to help people to garden again and to bring gardening up to their level. We found a couple of products that were already on the market that helped us start that journey of helping people and the instant change in those that could now grow their own again was amazing!

Where we are now

We have found that there is a lack of resources out there for so many people from many different walks of life looking for solutions to help them grow their own food. Especially in small space living like apartments.

Over the last year, the search for products and solutions has intensified and been an amazing one. What we have created through our journey is a network of amazing relationships with our suppliers where many of them have become family to us. We have formed solutions where there were previously none.

We have also created as close to a closed loop food network as possible with only 3 pre-requisites for the products we supply:

  • Must be Australian or New Zealand Made
  • Must be Portable
  • Must not directly compete with other products we supply

We are very proud to say that we have NEARLY achieved our goal. What started off as a very small local garden maintenance business has now turned into a Brand that specialises in finding a solution to grow your own food no matter what physical challenge or living situation you face. We have helped people in apartments grow food in self watering towers as well as compost the food waste as well as help set up 2500 plant strawberry farms raised off the ground to survive flooding.

We truly believe that growing your own nutrient dense food at home is the way forward and Adaptable Gardens aims to bring all of the solutions into one place.

The Adaptable Gardens Mission

“To empower everyone at every level, to grow their own food, become self sufficient and to enable gardening to be their therapy”

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